Managed IT Services In Toronto

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What Is Managed IT Services and How Does It Benefit GTA Companies?

Managed IT Services is an IT support model that rolls all the maintenance, security, operational monitoring, and day-to-day management of a company’s business technology into an easily-budgeted monthly subscription payment.

What is Included in the Sysoft Managed IT Services Offering?

Although every business is different and every Managed IT Services package is customized to reflect those unique qualities, the most common components of a Managed IT Services agreement are:

  • Help Desk – Providing answers and troubleshooting for your employees
  • Emergency Response – Ensuring you have IT specialists you can call when you need them
  • Continuous Maintenance – Implementing updates, upgrades, fixes, and patches
  • Proactive Tweaks and Configuration – Seeing and repairing possible problems before they cause downtime
  • Cybersecurity – Protecting your confidential data and workflow
  • Backup Management and Recovery – Moving copies of your operational and client data to a secure location and recovering it to your system when required
  • Business Continuity – Making it possible for you and your employees to continue working in another location if your facility is negatively impacted by a localized disaster
  • Executive-Level IT Consulting – Advising you as to how the cost and capacity of technology impacts your business plans

Our Primary Goal – Building Trusted Relationships with Toronto Area Companies.

One of the great advantages of a Managed IT Services agreement is that if done correctly, it builds a relationship of trust and a feeling of working together toward a common goal – the success of your business. We’re proud to have clients still with us today that signed on with Sysoft in the very early days of our company, and we’re thankful for the trust that they put in us each day.

Our Secondary Goal – Building Dependable, Highly Productive IT Environments for Our Clients.

Our goal is to increase your efficiency, maximize your productivity and help you enhance your bottom line.

We take care of your technology, so you can focus on building and growing your business.

How do we deliver a Customized IT Management Experience?

  • Listening – Learning and understanding how your business works, where you are now, and where you want your business to grow
  • Analyzing – Performing a complete audit of your current IT structure to understand its strengths and weaknesses
  • Consulting – Providing you with the IT solutions you need to harmonize, upgrade, and enhance your existing IT infrastructure and aligning solutions that meet your budget
  • Managing – Troubleshooting any IT issues that arise while providing flat-rate support and ongoing IT asset maintenance

What Else Can the Sysoft Team Do For You?

BY Scott Weingust | Oct 17th, 2018 | Business IT Support
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