Are You Looking For IT Services That Drive Business Benefit?

It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to know that not every IT support company in southern Ontario is created equal.


Well, some IT support teams just focus on fixing broken computers – and that’s okay for small companies that can handle extended downtime and productivity loss.

Other IT support companies have all the tools they need to be successful but don’t yet have the experience needed to leverage those tools and drive efficiency advantages for businesses like yours.

The Sysoft team has both the expertise and the experience to harness the power of business technology and use it to provide a secure and highly effective IT environment for your employee’s daily workflow.

Let’s Check Out Some of the Pro-Business Advantages of Partnering with Sysoft!

  • Peace of Mind – Cybersecurity protocols that are followed to give your employees, your clients, your data and your workflow the protection you require.
  • Answers When You Need Them – Help-desk IT technicians on standby to provide information and answers to IT questions – so you can get moving with your work again.
  • Dependable Technology – A holistic, proactive approach to IT management and maintenance that deals with little issues before they negatively impact your internal processes.
  • Responsive People That Want to See Your Business Succeed – A business model that puts the client first and ensures that the function of your technology and supporting your success is priority #1.

How Do We Do It? – The Services We Deliver

  • Managed IT Services – All the IT management, maintenance, security, and operational monitoring your business needs, provided in an easily-budgeted monthly payment plan.
  • IT Consulting – The data and analytics you require to make the big (and small) technology-impacted business decisions. This service includes consulting on powerful virtualization technologies such as VMware.
  • Cloud Consulting/Migrations – Simplifying the task of moving your email, data, or elements of your workflow into the cloud and helping you maintain those assets in the cloud. By utilizing dependable platforms such as Microsoft Cloud Technologies (Azure and SharePoint), we are able to help your company get full business benefit from having your data or workflow in the cloud.
  • IT Security/Cybersecurity – Protecting your investment, your clients’ confidential information, your data, and your internal processes by implementing and managing best-practices and IT security protocols.
  • Help Desk – Answering the big and small questions that keep you and your staff from being as productive as you would like to be.
  • Office 365 – Helping you migrate to Office 365 and then enabling you to get the most out of this powerful office productivity suite.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery – Creating an environment where meeting data retention and compliance requirements are made simple and secure.
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