Help Desk Services

Why Are GTA Business Leaders Looking to Sysoft for IT Help Desk Support?

We know what you’re worried about.

Even just a few hours of downtime results in diminished productivity, lost wages, and a tarnished reputation with your clients.

You need a helpful and responsive IT support team to ensure that your issues are dealt with right away.

Our Help Desk Services technicians take calls and answer emails from our clients every day and work quickly and diligently to answer their questions or to follow up on their troubleshooting requests.

There’s nothing more frustrating than an unresponsive IT team. With Help Desk Services from the Sysoft team, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that will never be a problem again.

By leveraging our Help Desk services for quicker response and resolution to your issues, you improve productivity and remove interruptions to your workflow.

How Does Our Help Desk Service Work? – What’s the Process?

  1. Your employee contacts us with a question or troubleshooting request by telephone or email.
  2. The technician who receives your request answers your question or addresses your concern immediately if possible. If the issue is more complex than a simple answer or quick fix, the technician creates a ticket so our response to your request can be tracked. Once a ticket has been created the third step automatically begins.
  3. Confirmation of the receipt of your request is sent to you via email.
  4. Personnel are assigned to address your concerns in accordance with the severity of the issue at hand and our service level agreement. Most times, issues can be resolved remotely, but we are not hesitant to roll a truck to your location if needed.
  5. As technicians work on the issue, you will be automatically updated as to their progress by email.
  6. When our technicians resolve the issue, an email will be sent informing you of the completed work and ensuring that everything is working correctly on your end.
  7. Once you have verified that the issue has been resolved on your end, the ticket is closed.

BY Scott Weingust | Oct 12th, 2018 | Business IT Support