Twelve million 911 calls are made every year by people across Canada.

That means 32,876 times a day a 911 operator somewhere across our nation is answering a call, assessing the information given to them, and sending out the correct emergency responders.

Fire, Police, Ambulance – they all come running in response to a critical situation conveyed to them by talented and unsung heroes – the operators of the 911 system.

It’s not hard to know who to trust in Toronto to help in a crisis. Just call 911, and someone will be there to assist you. The people of our police force, fire rescue, and ambulance services respond to the worst situations in our society and do their best to serve the public, keep us safe, and make our bad day just a little easier.

But when it comes to finding an IT company in Toronto that provides responsive IT services, it’s not nearly as easy as picking up the phone and dialing 911.

There are hundreds of companies in Toronto that claim to offer “professional IT services.”

But you know as well as I do that “professional” simply means that they do IT services for a living. It doesn’t indicate how good they are at their job at all!

So trusting a website that offers “professional IT services,” is a crapshoot.

It’s no different with the term “IT services.”

What one company offers as an “IT services” package can be miles apart from the offering of their competition down the road.

IT services companies vary according to the customers they serve.

  • Some companies work solely with consumer (home) computer systems.
  • Others work with small business computer systems.
  • A few IT services firms care for the IT support requirements of big business.

In addition to these three broad categories are the IT support companies that are servicing the lower tiers of home and small business that are trying to break into the mid-market and large corporation IT support.

Once you’ve settled on interviewing a few Toronto IT services companies, you’ve got to start looking past their target market (home, small business, mid-market, and large company) and take a deep dive into the actual services they offer.

Now it’s valuable to point out here that we’re aiming to find an IT services company that you can trust for responsive IT services in Toronto.

That means that you’re looking for quality in their IT services offerings, not necessarily quantity.

Sure, there are companies out there with websites that offer everything from Cybersecurity to pony rides (well, maybe not pony rides), but that doesn’t mean they do a good job with each service they advertise.

We all know that it’s easy to put something on your website – or your resume. It’s another story, however, to back up your claims with references, satisfied customers, expertise, and a bulletproof track record.

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So how do you know if you can trust the candidate company you’re interviewing to deliver responsive IT services to your Toronto business?

Responsiveness in IT support is not about the company’s expertise, how many certifications they have, or how many techs they employ.

Responsiveness is about how much they care about your company, your employees, and their own reputation.

A company that is going to be responsive in the long run will be the company that starts off on the right foot with your team. It’s all in the details.

Responsive companies care about the little things such as:

  • Showing up to meetings 5-10 minutes early
  • Being professional in their appearance
  • Learning the names of key players in your organization
  • Answering their phones politely, in person, and competently
  • Answering their emails and phone messages promptly
  • Taking the time to research your company and industry-specific IT needs before your first in-person meeting
  • Answering your questions directly and courteously
  • Seeking to understand the nuances of your internal workflow and your organizational goals

A company that starts a relationship by displaying these characteristics and behaviours is more likely to be a company that you can trust than an IT services team that doesn’t start out on the right foot.

What does your company lose if you do not have a responsive IT services help desk provider in Toronto that you can trust?

  • You lose the leadership that a trusted IT consultant could give in optimizing your internal processes.
  • You lose the advantage of having IT support people that you know will answer your calls and show up when you need them the most.
  • You lose valuable productivity hours to downtime as a result of computer crashes and cybersecurity breaches.
  • You lose confidence in the relationship with your IT support people that results in a lack of confidence in your IT systems and their daily use.

As you can see, the confidence that your IT services team will respond quickly and appropriately to any technology issue your Toronto business faces is critical to your company’s health, efficiency, and productivity.

So, why are you still reading this article? Sysoft is the most trusted and responsive IT services provider in Toronto!

We understand.

You’re curious…but a little skeptical.

You’ve been burned before by companies in the GTA that said they would be there for you when you needed them, but when that time came they wouldn’t answer the phone.

Yes, we’ve heard all the horror stories.

We understand your hesitancy.

But, let us assure you. All IT services providers are not the same.

The Sysoft team works diligently to earn and maintain a reputation for responsive care.

How do we do it?

  • Service Level Agreements that guarantee fast response times and near-zero downtime.
  • An IT consultant you can call. — One point of contact within Sysoft for all your IT needs.
  • Managed IT services that enable your team to have more productivity and fewer IT issues.
  • IT security expertise that helps keep the bad guys out and results in fewer IT emergencies.

Ready to learn more about the IT services company right here in Toronto that you can trust? We have more informative articles for you to read HERE.

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