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Cloud Consulting Provides a Roadmap to Cloud Benefits for Toronto Businesses

Nearly every company in the GTA is using cloud applications or cloud data storage, so why does it seem that some Toronto companies are benefitting from their cloud assets more than their competition?

The answer is simple – strategy.

In our market, nearly everyone has access to cloud applications and storage, but having a haphazard approach to your storage or workflow within the cloud does not harness the available efficiency of the cloud.

But that’s not all.

Without professional cloud consulting, business leaders lack the information they need to leverage cloud assets for future performance and growth.

It’s kind of like having a high-performance sports car and running it down the highway in first gear.
Yes, it’ll move forward, but not with the speed or power it’s capable of.

Does Every Toronto Business Need the Cloud?

Cloud computing can be very advantageous for many companies, but we also know that the cloud isn’t necessarily for everyone.

Our consultants will start by listening to you to understand your current and your future IT requirements. After a complete systems evaluation, we will advise you whether cloud computing can save your business time and money, and which cloud strategy would best suit your company and your budget.

Sysoft Cloud Computing Services

The cloud computing services we offer include:

Cloud Consulting Company in Toronto
  • A detailed analysis of your current and future computer and mobile system needs
  • Strategic planning and cloud roadmap development
  • Cloud system design and implementation
  • Provision of hosted cloud solutions and full or partial migration to the cloud
  • Cloud-based messaging and collaboration
  • Cloud-based remote workplace and connectivity
  • Cloud-based disaster plan protection and recovery
  • Consolidation and virtualization

How Can Cloud Consulting Help Your Business? – The Benefits of a Right-Sized Cloud Strategy.

  • Greater flexibility for workflow
  • Improved security for data
  • Higher adherence to legislative and industry-standard compliance mandates
  • Simplified scalability
  • Faster provisioning for remote workers and work-from-home employees
  • Better budgeting – paying only for what you need and use
BY Scott Weingust | Oct 17th, 2018 | Cloud Services
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