IT Services For Law Offices In Toronto

Who Are You Trusting to Handle Security, Efficiency, and Compliance for Your Toronto Law Firm?

Regardless of the area of law in which your barristers and solicitors specialize, you are aware of the technological complexities facing Toronto law firms today. Each firm must adhere to legislation that governs everything from data backup to email retention while ensuring that client confidentiality isn’t breached by a cyberattack. That’s why law firms in Toronto seek out the Sysoft IT support professionals.

IT security industry leaders estimate that in the next 2-3 years, cybersecurity will overtake productivity as the #1 reason that professional offices choose the Managed Services model of IT support.

What is Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services is a comprehensive, proactive approach to IT support and IT security. A Managed IT Services partner provides 100% of the management, maintenance, security, and operational monitoring of your IT systems in return for a budgeted monthly payment.

The Managed IT Services model is different from the standard break/fix model or the retainer model because a Managed IT Services provider (like the Sysoft team) doesn’t wait for your systems to break down before they respond. Instead, the Sysoft IT professionals take a holistic approach to the health of your IT environment – working diligently in the background to ensure maximum uptime and that cybersecurity protocols are followed. This approach aligns your firm’s best interest with our own, making a Managed IT Services contract a win-win relationship.

How Does Sysoft IT Support for Toronto Law Firms Help You?

Law Office IT Support In Toronto
  • Answering executive-level IT questions
  • Empowering lawyers and office staff to work more efficiently through automation and application integration
  • Collaborating with the latest in cloud applications and solutions
  • Supporting practice management software such as Amicus, PC Law, PracticePanther, Abacus, Office 365, Bill4Time, Legal Files, Clio, BQE, TrialWorks, and dozens of others
  • Securing against malware, adware, internal tampering, disaster, criminal act, and ransomware as well as horizon-level threats
  • Enabling mobile workflow through the securing and application synchronization of tablets and smartphones
  • Responding to helpdesk requests as well as troubleshooting calls

What IT Services Do We Offer?

BY Scott Weingust | Oct 17th, 2018 | Business IT Support
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