How Does Reliable & Secure Technology Help Nonprofits In Ontario?

Nonprofits in Ontario rely on their technology to provide services to their members and to promote their missions. It’s no different with KidSport. They rely on IT solutions and support to offer under-resourced children and youth, 18 years old and younger, with a sport of their choice via local clubs and programs.

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What Is KidSport?

KidSport is a national nonprofit program that removes financial barriers that prevent kids from experiencing organized sports. Here in Ontario, they have one of the largest chapters. KidSport has 20 local chapters across the province that deliver their grant program in local communities. It’s a volunteer organization which is vastly supported. Their volunteers are the reason why KidSport can help over 800,000 kids annually across Canada in organized sports programs.

How Does KidSport Fundraise?

KidSport chapters fundraise in their local communities by holding various events. Those funds go directly back into the community so the kids there can play sports. Here in the provincial office, they support their local chapters with their fundraising initiatives and any administrative needs. And they run their own fundraising events to raise money to help kids in various communities. They don’t raise funds from the provincial government, so it’s all about partnerships with organizations in the community.

For example, KidSport Ontario is busy getting ready for their “Dodge, Duck and Dive” Dodgeball Tournament in June. Events like these bring the revenue needed to help children and teens in Toronto and across the province play sports.

How Did The Dodgeball Tournament Come About?

KidSport has a partnership with the Ultra Sports Center–a massive sports facility in Scarborough. They rent out spaces for other sports programs. The Sports Center wanted to start giving back to the community, so they teamed up with KidSport and offered their facilities. This is how KidSport dodgeball came to be. It’s an inclusive sport, the kids don’t need to know how to dribble or hit a ball, and it’s fun!

How Can You Sign Up As A Volunteer For KidSport?

There are various ways to help–from sponsoring events to volunteering, and everything in between. You can enter a team into one of their events, offer services or help with administrative tasks. You can also donate monthly, provide items for silent auctions during events, and more. Just contact KidSport to learn more about getting involved.

How Does Sysoft Help KidSport? — We Offer Pro-Bono IT Services

Victoria Gonzalez-Milroy, Program Manager at KidSport Ontario, explains:

“Our partnership with Sysoft Computer Consultants helps us sustain our programs. At the end of 2017, I came onboard, and there was a huge transition going on–office changes, new staff, etc. We decided to collaborate with another children’s charity, known as Reach, and they used Sysoft for their IT support. When they moved into their office, we rented out space in their office, and Sysoft offered to take us on as a client.

We were setting up new computers, phones, and programs and Sysoft was integral in our transition. It was a mix of a recommendation from Reach and Sysoft offering that support we needed. We recently transitioned into a new office, because our program doesn’t have sustainable funding—We have to complete quarterly reviews to look at our spending.  At the time, we were looking to save some money, and we were going to have to end our services with Sysoft. But they were kind enough to say they loved what we were doing and wanted to support our program. So, Sysoft is providing us pro-bono IT services! It’s really awesome that we have their support. They’ve helped us in so many ways!”

How Does Reliable & Secure Running IT Help KidSport And Other Nonprofits In Ontario?

With customized IT that aligns with their organizational goals, nonprofits can reduce IT costs and increase productivity, accessibility of data and efficiencies to make the most of every dollar they have.

With proactive monitoring of their IT network, cyber threats are eliminated. And Security Awareness Training ensures their staff can and recognize phishing attempts that try to trick them into revealing sensitive data.

Backups both onsite and in a secure cloud-based solution ensure they always have access to their digital information wherever they have an internet connection. Backup and recovery services include periodic validating that data has been accurately backed up and can be quickly recovered.

24/7 support with quick response times prevents downtime. Most issues can be detected and repaired remotely before the team at KidSport knows anything has happened.

Plus, their software and operating systems are automatically patched and updated giving the KidSport volunteers the peace of mind they need to know that their IT will always be protected and run efficiently. They can focus on their mission and provide the sports activities that all children should be able to enjoy.

Do you need more information about how technology can help your nonprofit? Check out this article and others in our Tech Insights.

Is Your Nonprofit In Toronto Using IT Best Practices For Success?

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