Top Questions to Ask a Toronto Technology Service Company before Hiring Them

In the recent past, small and medium-sized businesses have had to seek the help of Managed Service Providers (MSPs). They take care of your company’s IT issues while you focus on the core purpose of your business. They may help you with cybersecurity, cloud management, and installation issues. The MSP you choose may determine the success of your business.

The right MSP can handle all your IT infrastructure and maintenance issues so that your in-house team can focus on other matters. No matter how large or small, your business is, working with the right MSP will help you save money. You don’t need to pay for services that you don’t need, and you can minimize disruptions. The following are some of the most important questions to ask a Toronto technology service company before working with them.

Toronto Technology Service Company

1. How Will Your Toronto Technology Services Company Communicate With Us?

Toronto technology services company that cannot communicate well with your company isn’t right. Before settling for them, find out the options they have in place to maintain transparency and to ensure that you can reach them whenever you need. They should have a clear system to keep you informed without bombarding you with lots of unnecessary information. MSPs that lack a standardized communication method may have no way to ensure that there is a constant flow of information between them and your in-house team.

There is no way to replace face-to-face communication. It is one of the most powerful ways that your MSP can interact with you. Before working with an MSP, find out how often they intend to meet with you for face to face interactions. During the meetings, they should talk to you about your goals and concerns.

2. How Do You Stay Updated on Technology Skills?

Find out how much effort your MSP puts in to stay on top of emerging technology skills. Tech experts work hard to ensure that their knowledge stays up to date. If your Toronto technology services company is not putting in effort to improve, they may soon be unable to deliver the help you need. Some of the most common ways to improve skills include taking online courses and reading expert forums and blogs. Asking this question may help you determine the MSP’s level of excitement for the job. It may also get them to open up about their professional development.

3. Can the Business Rely On Your Toronto Technology Services Company?

If you cannot rely on your MSP, hiring them makes no sense. When speaking with a potential MSP, find out what they are doing to promote reliability. If you have technical difficulties, you cannot afford to have your systems down for too long. The longer you are down, the more losses you may have to incur. You should be able to rely on your MSP for help as soon as you need it. Reliability consists of:

  • Around the clock, availability to guarantee as little downtime as possible
  • Excellent customer support
  • Fast delivery of services
  • Excellent system performance

If an MSP is always struggling with any of these issues, it is unlikely to help your business.

4. How Do You Promote Flexibility?

One of the essential features for any Toronto technology services company is flexibility. When you get into a partnership with your MSP, it should remain valid as your business grows. The right MSP should remain flexible to your changing needs. Their flexibility determines how long your partnership will be valid and its likelihood to succeed. A proper MSP should have clear guidelines to maintain flexibility.

5. What Are Your Pricing Models?

Your potential MSP should have a minimum of two pricing models. Ask about each one of them and find out what works best for you. When taking a look at the pricing models, find out if certain offers have higher levels of service than others. They should help you determine the right choice for you. The choice you make should give your business room to scale up.

6. What Connections Do You Have in the Industry?

MSPs need lots of connections to succeed in the industry. Most successful MSPs attribute their success to strong partnerships. They need connections for support services, software applications, hardware supplies, and internet connections. When evaluating MSPs, you must ask who they are partnering in. their choice of partners may help you determine their core values and their ability to help you.

7. If I Wasn’t a Tech Person, How Would You Explain (A Technology)?

The ability of an MSP to describe complex issues in simple terms may determine their ability to work with the rest of your team. If they appear unable or unwilling to answer questions that seem dumb, they aren’t a good partner. The question can help you assess their patience and communication skills.

8. What Value Can You Add to My Business?

If your MSP seems more focused on selling their services than giving you value, they aren’t the right service. Ask this question and pay attention to what your potential provider emphasizes. If they are focused on selling their services rather than telling you about their value to your business, they aren’t right for you.

The right MSP should listen to you and deliver the service you need. Once they know your business goals, they should stick to the cause. They must use their expertise and skills to help you meet your objectives. When speaking to a potential MSP, let them understand your goals and find out what they can do to help you achieve them.

9. How Would You Rate Your Customer Service?

Take note of your potential MSPs customer service from your first point of interaction. However, that should not be enough. Ask them to rate their customer service and give explanations for it. Some follow up questions for this include: can you respond to inquiries in a timely way? If I need suggestions from you, can you offer them? And what do you do to foster a strong professional relationship? Please pay attention to how they communicate with you.

10. Why Do You Want to Work With Our Company?

If an MSP really wants to work with you, they will research to learn about your values, approach to technology, and products. They will know what your business stands for. If they can’t give you a few reasons why they believe you will be good partners, they may not be serious about the job.

11. Can You Talk About a Time When Things Didn’t Go According to Plan?

Most MSPs deal with setbacks at some point. What’s important is how they deal with those situations and what they learn. The best MSPs remain resilient and flexible when dealing with setbacks. Pay attention to the problem they faced and how they handled the disappointment. If they quit or gave up, they may not have what it takes to be your provider.

If you plan on hiring an MSP, you have to look beyond their technical qualifications. If they can’t communicate well with you, blend with your in-house team, and understand your business goals, they may be the wrong pick. When conducting an interview to find the right MSP, you must ask some questions. Asking the right questions helps you and your potential MSPs know what matters most to your business.

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