Data Protection

Cyber, Computer, Network Security Solutions

Safeguarding intellectual property and valuable client information has to be priority #1. Without security, everything from your relationship with your clients to your financial investment is at risk. Our IT consultants will boost your security and safeguard your business by building concentric rings of security around your IT assets.

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Data Backup & Recovery Services

Data loss can be catastrophic. It is estimated that 60% of businesses that experience a data loss will be out of business in the next 6 months. Having the ability to secure, store, and recover your data is vital to the future of your business.

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Business Continuity Planning & Strategy

We are very fortunate. Southern Ontario isn’t usually the region that’s on the news because of hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and massive flooding. As a result, Toronto area business owners aren’t as quick to put together business continuity plans.

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