The right data storage solutions are hard to come by for any company. Once you find something that fits and something that works, it tends to be counterproductive just to switch because your current IT company may not serve that type of data solution. It is important to find an IT company that works with and services the data solution that you have chosen. The Datto backup appliance is a good example.

What is Datto Backup?

Datto is a company that creates cloud storage based software and hardware solutions for businesses all around the world. This company is not a company however that the customer can contact directly and as such, it is often necessary to find IT companies that service and work with Datto solutions. Datto is a fantastic solution for those companies that want a quick and easy way to backup and store data using a cloud-based solution. Datto works on the principle that a Datto appliance, the Alto is a good example, backs up data on a set schedule to the cloud to later be accessed by those that have been authorized to do so.

These devices are installed by an IT company that works with Datto and configured to fit your upload schedule and to upload information and data to the location that you choose. The access to this data can then be chosen by the user to protect the data that is being backed up and stored. As with any device that was made by humans, there is a margin of error that can necessitate service by a company that is trained to work on Datto storage solutions appliances.

These devices are created specifically to work with the Datto system and as such, they cannot be worked on by just any old IT company or a person with a wrench. They do have complicated programs and software as well as the hardware itself that is configured to work with the system and must be serviced by someone that has experience and training in this type of system.

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Why is A Professional Company Important?

While you can hire an IT company that claims to have experience and hope for the best, it is far better to find a company that has a true experience with the Datto systems and make sure they can fix your appliance. There are a few different issues that you may come up against your Datto appliance. The first is, of course, the destruction of the unit. This can mean things as simple as something getting into the machine preventing it from functioning properly to complete destruction that requires complete replacement of the unit.

This type of work requires someone that can evaluate the damage, determine if the unit needs to be replaced, and can then work to repair or replace the unit and the accompanying software to make it work. It is essential that the company you choose has the proper experience to correctly repair and install the appliance to make sure it is working as it should.

Another issue you may run into issues with uploading. This could be something as simple as a software issue that needs to be upgraded or changed out, to something like a connectivity issue or other hardwiring issues that may occur. It is important that your IT company is able to quickly and efficiently find out what the issue is and work to resolve it as quickly as possible so that your workspace can get back to functioning properly and so that you can get back to work.

What Makes Servicing Datto Different?

Rather than just servicing any old data back-up and recovery appliance or software, this software and appliance have been designed specifically by Datto. The appliance is meant only to work with the Datto system and is not meant to work with any other system. This means that you need to make sure you are going to have a technician that knows what they are doing and is able to fully and completely work with the Datto system and with the Datto appliance.

It is always a great idea to make sure you find a company that is well rounded and that can work with a wide range of storage solutions like Datto and similar cloud-based data storage solutions. Datto, like any other cloud-based storage solution, needs unique and periodic maintenance and the skilled team at Sysoft can help. Datto is a growing company and can help you to store all your pertinent data without your having to have a huge storage solution on site. Datto is a fantastic system and the team at Sysoft can work on any Datto appliance that you may have to make your data storage solutions simpler than you might imagine, no matter what.

Sysoft is a company that is not only your IT provider but also your IT partner, making sure you are ready and able to tackle any IT issue that comes your way. They work with Datto and similar cloud-based data storage solutions and can help you to maintain, replace, and repair your Datto appliance. Sysoft offers a huge range of IT solutions for just about any backup program you have chosen. They also offer managed IT, set up networks, and so much more.

To find out more and to see just what Sysoft can do for you, contact us today to see what solutions we have in store. Backing up your data and keeping the appliance that makes it possible up to date and working properly should not be difficult. With the right IT company, it can be easier than you may have ever imagined and can give you the peace of mind that a great data solution offers.

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