The VMware Consulting that Canadian Companies Rely on For Business Process Transformation

Does your company have the VMware environment that will save you money, give you agility, and help you scale to the next level of your success? Our VMware consultants specialize in helping Canadian businesses leverage VMware products within their business processes – resulting in business transformation.

Why Engage a VMware Consultant?

  • Toronto VMWARE Consulting

    Because You Need Information – Our consultants ensure that you have executive-level answers for your questions. Why? Because we know that you aren’t just using VMware products to get the job done, you want to leverage technology to move your company forward.

  • Toronto VMWARE Support

    Because You Want Accurate Budgeting – Every VMware consulting and implementation project that is taken on by the Sysoft team is carefully budgeted to ensure that nothing is left out. For example, have the quotes you have gotten from other VMware contractors included the cost of:

    • Network Switches
    • SAN Support
    • Servers or Peripherals
    • vSphere Licensing

    Accurate budgeting takes each little element of VMware implementation, configuration, and ongoing support into consideration.

  • VMWare Consulting Company in Toronto

    Because You Require Documentation – Have you ever had the IT support guy leave and wonder, “What did he do?” – It’s happened to us all. Our VMware consulting, configuration and ongoing support models are based on what is called a “runbook.” A runbook documents the usernames, addresses, connections, settings, etc. for your VMware installation. Access to the runbook means that you are in control – no matter what happens.

  • VMWare Services Company in Toronto

    Because You Want to Ensure that Your vSphere Cluster and Edition are Right for Your Processes – Do you know if your vSphere license is the most appropriate one for your workflow needs? Some people have bought the Cadillac of VMware licenses only to discover that they have access to features they will never use. Others have underbought and cannot do what they would like to do with VMware.

  • VMWare Management Consulting Company in Toronto

    Because You are Looking for ROI and Scalability – Getting the right VMware architecture for your purpose matters! Without the right VMware hardware and software, you could be missing ROI and not have the potential to scale.

Why Canadian VMware Consultants?

You’ve had the unfortunate experience of calling offshore call centres for IT support and waiting for what seems like hours on the phone.

While VMware itself has an excellent track record of supporting their products, you don’t want the frustration of dealing with your IT vendors.

You have better – and more productive – things to do with your time.

That’s where the Southern Ontario based Sysoft team enters the picture.

We have a great relationship with VMware.

We speak VMware’s “language.”


Our VMware specialists are your quickest avenue to a VMware environment that drives business benefit and business transformation.

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