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by Partnering with Sysoft And Discover Business Continuity Plans that Leave You Feeling Worry-free to focus on What Matters Most – Your Business!

There’s nothing worse than a disruption to your workflow. Productivity drops, wages are lost, and clients are left unhappy. In many cases, major downtime due to IT issues leads to the end of a business. You can’t afford to have your work grind to a stop, so we put protection in place to ensure that doesn’t happen.

When it comes to an appropriate Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan, our team of IT experts understand it must address systems and solutions that affect business critical functions such as software, data, hardware, and any additional IT infrastructure that a business needs to survive. Which is why Sysoft has partnered with Datto, the leader in business continuity, to bring you this exclusive webinar to help educate you on the important essentials of what business owners need to know to protect their companies, employees, and valuable data.

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In this webinar you can expect our experts to provide you with the following information:

  • What types of data need to be protected
  • Most common restore scenarios
  • How often backups should be tested
  • The difficult questions to ask your solution providers

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We understand there are many different ways for a disaster or threats to do major damage to your business – from cybercriminals, to human error, to a natural disaster that compromises your onsite hardware. Whatever happens, you need to recover from it with as little downtime as possible. That’s because downtime is more than just an annoying nuisance. It takes away the tools your employees need to get their jobs done.

ysoft leverages our expertise and our relationships with top-tier vendors to provide you with a complete backup solution that makes the most sense for your budget and needs by ensuring you’re always prepared for anything, so that even when disasters do strike, you’re able to keep on working and avoid downtime.

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