What is a few percentage points of efficiency worth to your Richmond Hill company?

You’ve done the math a hundred times or more.

This is how it usually goes…

You’re sitting at a boardroom table talking to your leadership team or standing in front of your employees, and you say something like:

“If we can increase productivity this quarter by _ _%,
we’ll increase our profits by $_ _ _ _ _ _”

You fill in the blanks, but that sounds just about right…right?

So what if more efficiency was more than just a bullet point in a motivational speech for the employees?

What if the right IT implementation, configuration, and management could help you get those elusive few percentage points of efficiency that result in more productivity?

We’re not here to make you promises that we can’t back up with hard facts.

More efficiency for your Richmond Hill operation begins with an IT assessment.


Because you need a baseline from which to measure our impact on your company’s efficiency, and we need a starting point from which to develop a business technology strategy for you.

That’s why Richmond Hill companies turn to Sysoft for IT services.

We deliver IT strategy, services, and support to a wide variety of businesses, but we specialize in:

How Does the Sysoft Team Drive Efficiency Within Our Business IT Strategies?

  • Cybersecurity Management and Training – Your employees can’t be efficient if they have to worry about whether the IT environment is secure and whether they may be doing something “wrong” in terms of IT security. We’ll give them the information they need to use their technology tools with confidence.
  • Virtualization – By using virtual machines, we help employees by giving them their desktop, operating system, files, and user settings on any laptop or desktop connected to the internet.
  • Mobility – Even if all your staff stays at the office for the whole workday, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t using their mobile devices for work. Let us help them be more efficient by syncing their smartphones and tablets securely with their desktop workflow. If your employees work out of the office, mobility isn’t just a matter of efficiency, it’s a vital tool.
  • Collaboration – Setting up secure file sync and share options in which employees can work on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and databases is key to developing a more streamlined workflow.
  • Automation and Integration – Eliminating repetitive manual tasks is part of what we do! By automating some tasks, we free up your staff to do more valuable work and with application integration, we can get applications from different developers to “talk” to each other – sharing data and eliminating manual data entry.

What IT Services do Richmond Hill Business Leaders Want from Sysoft?

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