Sysoft Computer Consultants Is J. Zechner and Associates’ Decade-Long Partner In IT

J. Zechner and Associates is a boutique Toronto money management firm. Their small staff of just ten employees looks after a vast $1.2 billion portfolio, made up primarily of large pension plans.

Managing these funds securely, compliantly, and productively requires them to have a robust IT environment — for more than a decade, they’ve trusted Sysoft Computer Consultants to take care of it for them.

Sysoft Handles High-Level IT For J. Zechner and Associates

“I have been dealing with Sysoft for well over ten years,” says Kirk Groover, Chief Compliance Officer and VP Operations, J. Zechner and Associates. “They provide all our IT services for us.”

Originally, Kirk connected with Sysoft through another IT professional that was installing the firm’s workstations and user-facing hardware. This contact knew that J. Zechner and Associates would need a team with more high-level IT expertise, which brought Sysoft into the picture.

“He recommended the services of Sysoft to look after our higher-level items like servers and our security,” says Kirk.

For more than ten years, Sysoft has overseen J. Zechner and Associates’ IT environment, helping to both maintain day-to-day operations and oversee projects as they become necessary. In that time, Kirk and the J. Zechner and Associates staff have come to know the Sysoft team as engaged and professional IT experts.

“They are very responsible and very responsive,” says Kirk. “They’re friendly, knowledgeable and they react quickly.”

Sysoft Helps J. Zechner and Associates Maintain Security And Compliance

As a member of the financial industry, cybersecurity and compliance are top priorities for J. Zechner and Associates. They need to know their client’s sensitive data is protected — with Sysoft, they have more confidence than ever before.

“I have to ensure that we have proper security and protocols in place for privacy rules,” says Kirk.

Part of this effort means maintaining data continuity. In the event that there’s a power outage, data breach, or some other critical event, Kirk needs to know that the firm’s data won’t be at risk. That’s why Systoft deployed a Datto backup solution, a cloud-based backup service that regularly backs up data to keep it protected against any form of loss.

“They have arranged a backup,” says Kirk. “In the unlikely event of a disaster, our backup systems guarantee minimal lost time and data.”

Sysoft Helps J. Zechner and Associates Maintain Security During The Pandemic

IT resources have never been as important as they are now during the COVID-19 pandemic. In order for organizations to stay connected and productive while working remotely, they need the right technologies and processes in place.

Unfortunately, due to how quickly the pandemic developed, many businesses were unable to prepare for the shift to a remote work setting.

Doing so would have required careful planning, methodical execution of new processes, and expert implementation of new technologies. Fortunately, J. Zechner and Associates had Sysoft to help them make the switch to remote work, without compromising their security or compliance.

“When COVID hit, everybody had to work from home, so what I had Sysoft do was install an actively dynamic managed antivirus software, where they can monitor remotely,” says Kirk. “We requested the installation of a two-factor sign-in protocol to enhance security protection.”

Sysoft Is There When J. Zechner and Associates Needs Them

Responsiveness and availability of support are key qualities of Sysoft’s service for Kirk and the staff at J. Zechner and Associates. Kirk knows that whenever he or the staff has an issue, he won’t have to wait to have it addressed.

“I usually get a response well within an hour,” says Kirk. “You show them what’s going on and they fix it.”

When the IT support process is optimized and seamless, clients like J. Zechner and Associates enjoy a less stressful, more productive workplace. They know that if and when an issue does occur, all they have to do is call to get help – no long delays, no tedious explanations.

“Sysoft provides the knowledge and expertise to handle all levels of service to any size company,” says Kirk. “I have no hesitation in recommending their services.”

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