You probably use a Microsoft product in one way or another, but maybe you’re dragging your feet on moving to Microsoft Office 365 – but do you know about the features it offers specifically for law firms?

Microsoft’s reputation proceeds them, right?

This is usually the part where we’d write something to talk about Microsoft, what they do, why they’re the right choice for businesses like yours, etc.

But is that really necessary? Who working in the business world today hasn’t heard of Microsoft?

Let’s move on and get to what it has to offer law firms…

3 Key Microsoft Office 365 Features For Toronto Law Firms

Microsoft Office 365 is available as a cloud-based online suite where your firm is charged on a per-user basis.

This model includes customer service, upgrades, patches, and even training for your employees. Microsoft Office 365 is also available as a stand-alone software product. You make a one-time purchase where you own the software.

But that’s not all – there are 3 key Microsoft Office 365 features that are especially beneficial for law firms…

  1. Legally Compliant Document Storage.
    Microsoft Office 365 provides online document storage options that give you all the space necessary to store confidential data securely.There are several different Microsoft Office 365 versions for both large and small practices, and each provides a different layer of services and security. For example, Enterprise 3 provides the compliance and legal hold license requirements you need, along with unlimited storage.Microsoft Office 365 comes with native encryption, end-to-end security, and multi-factor authentication options to protect both your data and emails so they’re only accessible to you or those you authorize.

    It’s important to note that some of these features will need to be set up by a Toronto IT company, but once this has been done, it can save your employees a lot of time and work, plus it further ensures compliance to legal regulations.

  2. Email & Data Encryption.
    Microsoft Office 365 encrypts your data and email in storage and in transit.What does that mean?In layman’s terms, encrypted data is formatted in a secret code that would be meaningless if intercepted. It is one of the most efficient ways to secure a database given that decryption can only occur through a key, which is essentially a “secret password”.

    In this case, there is a need for updated encryption software to ensure that private information is only accessible through the database program.

    Encryption technology is a great way to protect important data. By making data unreadable to anyone who isn’t supposed to have access to it, you can secure files stored on your systems, servers, and mobile devices, as well as files sent via email or through file-sharing services.

    Microsoft Office 365 uses several strong encryption protocols, and technologies including Transport Layer Security/Secure Sockets Layer (TLS/SSL), Internet Protocol Security (IPSec), and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

    Migrating your email server to the cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 environment also lets you securely move your mailboxes and archives to a protected environment. It’s worth noting that migration can be daunting – contact a Toronto IT company for assistance.

  3. Features Designed Specifically For Legal Practices
    Microsoft Office 365 also offers a number of free plug-ins that have been developed for use in the legal industry:
      • Rocket Matter: This plug-in released an extensive Microsoft Office 365 integration with its Outlook plug-in, allowing you to easily associate emails with matters. Add your billable time and attach attachments right from within Outlook on Microsoft Office 365.
      • Boomerang: This free application lets you write an email and schedule when you would like it to be sent. This is great if you’re working over the weekend or late at night and you don’t want to disturb a client or co-worker during these times.
        You just click “Send Later” and choose from the options that Boomerang presents. Set it and forget it — Boomerang does the rest.
        The email will remain in your draft email folder until it’s sent (just in case you want to change something). Your computer doesn’t need to be left on, either.

As you can see, Microsoft Office 365 has a lot to offer you. Don’t forget, if you’re unsure about how to manage the migration process, it would be best to consult with a Toronto IT company for support.

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