Want To Take VMWare AirWatch MDM For a Test Drive?

Companies across the globe are moving toward a plan to equip their employees to operate efficiently in a mobile economy. Nearly every day, either a new computer function moves into the cloud, or a function is developed to turn mobility into a competitive advantage.

Because of this move toward complete mobility, companies like yours are looking carefully at options to manage BYO devices and company-issued devices. One of the options that everyone is considering is VMWare’s MDM solution, AirWatch.

In the simplest terms, VMWare’s AirWatch is a central control panel that will manage any number of mobile devices. Each mobile device downloads the AirWatch app and is connected via the employee’s company credentials to the control panel’s management functions.

AirWatch is used worldwide by security focused, mobile, growing companies.

Why Are Companies Looking at VMWare’s AirWatch?

  • They are concerned about the security risk posed by unsecured cell phones and tablets.
  • They are worried about compliance issues stemming from work-use mobile devices outside the compliant IT environment of the company.
  • They want to improve their processes by moving to mobile work capability.
  • They want to increase productivity.
  • They are looking for a consistent employee user experience across all devices.

The Four Most Important Things AirWatch Does

  1. Secures company information, operating system, and applications on mobile devices.
  2. Configures mobile devices and ensures that they have the latest patches and upgrades installed.
  3. Manages mobile devices and gives company leadership strong mobile device analytics.
  4. Ensures that IT policies and compliance protocols are followed by mobile devices and their users.

Want a VMWare MDM AirWatch Test Drive for Your Toronto Area Company?

The Toronto-based IT services delivery professionals of Sysoft are proud to partner with VMWare to assist business leaders like you make an evaluation of AirWatch and come to your own decision about its implementation within your business.

If you’re ready to take AirWatch for a test drive, give the Sysoft team a call now at (416) 410-7268. We’d be happy to set you up with a demonstration and a demo AirWatch account so you can see this impressive system’s significant advantages for yourself.

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What You Need to Know About VMWare MDM AirWatch

AirWatch is based on a multi-tenant architecture that allows you to manage all the mobile devices at multiple business units or satellite locations from a central control panel. From that control console, you can delegate management and access for individuals by use of role-based access rules.

This MDM by VMWare allows for simple, on-demand implementation. It only takes a few minutes to download the application to each device. In fact, AirWatch can be downloaded by the individual employee. Once downloaded, the AirWatch app can be activated with the employee’s company login credentials. Each instance of AirWatch is integrated with the company’s directory services, so employee login credentials provision the device with the permissions, role, and group membership of that particular employee.

AirWatch supports device and user authentication for corporate devices, employee-owned devices, and shared devices. No scenario is left out of the equation.

Let’s Talk Security

Corporate security settings are enforced within AirWatch by use of profiles and are based on device type, access level, and user role. In addition to these expected features, VMWare’s MDM solution also allows for security settings defined by time-based profiles and location-based profiles.

With an AirWatch-enabled mobile device, employees are able to have secure access to corporate apps through an “App Catalogue” installed directly on the device. This App Catalogue provides access to internal (proprietary) applications, purchased applications, and recommended public applications.

Corporate content is also secured inside of AirWatch’s Content Locker App. Content is encrypted, and granular controls can be used for access, file sharing, offline use, and automation. Examples of corporate content secured within Content Locker App are documents, spreadsheets, databases, PDFs, saved email attachments, and synced items from corporate file sharing services.

What Is the MDM Control Panel Like on VMWare’s AirWatch Solution?

VMWare has made controlling dozens of devices a simple procedure based on a user-friendly console. From that console, your IT manager is able to:

  • View device info such as status, location, telecom data, applications, profiles, updates, and patches.
  • Manage compliance with company-wide IT policies pushed out to the entire fleet of mobile devices.
  • Monitor devices for security vulnerabilities.
  • Update devices with newest operating system and application updates and patches.
  • Prevent use that would compromise compliance and enforce compliance by use of a compliance engine that enforces compliance policies.
  • Wipe corporate data from the device.
  • Wipe entire device.

What Reports Can Be Accessed Through the MDM Control Panel?

AirWatch makes reporting simple with more than eighty pre-built report templates. These reports can represent all the devices in the system or be confined to segments of the device population such as connected devices, offline devices, and compromised devices.

Report distribution can be set up by means of subscribing to the distribution feed. Reports can be integrated with business intelligence tools in order to gain insights to streamline the business’ use of mobile units.

An event log is used to ensure that the company is ready for an audit and to meet ongoing compliance standards.

VMWare MDM AirWatch is at the Pinnacle of Unified Endpoint Management

Toronto companies are gravitating toward AirWatch because of its advanced features, and its intuitive design. With AirWatch, GTA companies such as yours are able to provision, configure, secure, track, and even decommission BYO, corporate, or shared devices at the touch of a button.

Because AirWatch by VMWare was designed with end-user experience in mind, it isn’t just for smartphones and tablets. VMWare has wisely included Windows-based laptops in the lineup of devices that can be bought into the AirWatch system. This allows for the same user experience across multiple devices.

Let’s Review

VMWare has hit the ball out of the park with their Unified Endpoint Management system for mobile devices called AirWatch. With AirWatch you can:

  • Deliver work profiles, applications, updates, security, and IT policies directly to dozens of mobile devices nearly instantaneously.
  • Get insights for your IT department and your business.
  • Manage your device’s lifecycle.
  • Leverage a self-service portal for employees.
  • Remote wipe company data or entire device if lost or stolen.
  • Secure user privacy, corporate data, operating system, and apps.
  • Rest assured that compliance protocols are being met.

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