Toronto Company Calls Sysoft For Server And NAS Upgrades

Are you and your team fed up with the problems caused by your old servers? Then why bother with it any longer? Sysoft Computer Consultants will take care of your hardware for you, just like we did for this Toronto company.

Are you stuck with old hardware because you don’t want to (or don’t know how to) replace it?

You’re not alone — a lot of organizations inherit old IT, or simply use the same server for years on end, procrastinating when it comes to maintenance and repair.

That was the case for this Toronto company that recently contacted the Sysoft team:

“I am helping a small firm in Toronto who might be looking to replace their existing IT support firm.”

This Toronto Company’s Servers Were “Ancient”

This Toronto firm’s leadership were at their wit’s end. Their servers were extremely out of date, and they were performing worse day by day. Their representative explained the situation:

“We need support for desktop hardware and apps as well as for 2 ancient servers (9-10 years old). We are currently considering upgrading/replacing the servers and adding 2 NAS units for better network storage.”

The firm’s leadership knew they had waited too long to do something about their servers. The average server only lasts 3-5 years, and they had been using theirs for twice as long!

This inevitably led to big problems:

  • No room: Servers only have so much storage space to offer, and by using the same ones for nearly a decade, this firm had run out.
  • Lag & performance issues: The older hardware gets, the more likely it’ll start to slow down. With their entire firm relying on access to apps and data stored on these old servers, it was only a matter of time until their staff-wide productivity began to drop.
  • Failure & risk of data loss: At a certain point, hardware gets so old it’s prone to fail. For a range of reasons, it’ll just stop working. When this firm’s server fails, it means they’ll experience downtime while they wait for it to restart, not to mention that they could lose data that isn’t backed up.

With all these problems interrupting their daily work and threatening their overall productivity, this Toronto company decided enough was enough.

That’s When They Contacted The Sysoft Team

Using our website’s 24/7 feature, the Toronto company had a representative get in touch with our team:

“My question is whether this is something you could handle and if so roughly how would you price it.”

Our representative immediately followed up to gather the necessary info and arrange a meeting

“I now have everything I need to give to one of our Client Service Representatives. They will contact you within 24 hours at the most (1 business day), or sooner. Please don’t hesitate to visit our site and contact us again if you have any additional questions!”

Here’s How We Helped

In order to determine what needs to be replaced and what still has value, we follow a three-step process:

  1. Determine Asset Value: The first step will be to assess their current hardware infrastructure. Identifying the state of each piece of hardware they’re currently using will help to plan what needs to be replaced and what needs to be updated.
  2. Consolidate Your Assets: The good news is that not all hardware is necessarily unusable at this point. If older hardware is not completely outdated, organizations can find great value in repurposing that hardware for noncritical workloads or environments where a single server fault wouldn’t wreak havoc on business operations. By consolidating this older, but still valuable hardware, we help them get a greater return on their your original investment in the technology.
  3. Manage The Upgrade Process: After determining what technology is still useful and what needs to be replaced, we facilitated the migration to new servers and installed additional NAS devices. We ensured that they’re equipped with the best hardware for their needs at a cost-effective price point. Once obtained, we oversaw the migration process so that no file is lost from one piece of hardware to the next.

We Can Do The Same For You

If you’re running a business, or are responsible for its IT, it’s likely that you’re in charge of managing a sever, or at least some onsite hardware. If your tech is getting old and needs to be replaced, you should know that you don’t have to handle it on your own, if you’re not sure you know how to. You can do the same as this Toronto company, and get some expert guidance for the process.

Ready To Replace Your Ancient Hardware?

Don’t let server management and upgrades be that one task you hate, but still put up with — you don’t have to. Our team is available to manage your day-to-day server operations.

We will make sure your systems are updated, backed up, and performing optimally. This will reduce downtime, as our team monitors your server health checks and eliminates performance problems by applying critical updates to protect from software bugs or security issues that impact your services.

The bottom line is that whether you struggle to take care of your servers or not is up to you — pass off the workload to our team:

  1. Book a meeting with our team at a time that works for you.
  2. Find out how simple your work life will become when you don’t have to think about servers anymore.
  3. Enjoy the extra free time and resources you get by offloading server management to our expert team.
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