Retired Teachers Of Ontario Trusts Sysoft To Help With Major IT Projects And Minor IT Issues

Retired Teachers Of Ontario Trusts Sysoft To Help With Major IT Projects And Minor IT Issues

Marzena Wspanialy, network and systems administrator for Retired Teachers Of Ontario, can’t manage the organization’s IT all on her own — it’s simply too big.

This active nonprofit, with more than 50 districts and locations across the country, provides health insurance for retired teachers, working with major insurance providers to get competitive rates and extensive coverage.

Understandably, overseeing an IT environment of that scale would be too much for Marzena to handle by herself, or even with an internal IT team.

That’s why she trusts Sysoft Computer Consultants to help out. Whether it’s a major project or just a simple question, Marzena knows she can count on Sysoft.

Sysoft Seamlessly Migrated Retired Teachers Of Ontario To Microsoft 365

A couple of years ago, Marzena wanted to start migrating the organization to Microsoft 365. This type of migration is a big process, and if it’s not handled correctly, it can be error-prone and overly expensive.

“We had Microsoft Exchange in house, and right now, it’s a trend to move everything to Microsoft 365,” says Marzena. “It makes it easier because we don’t have to maintain an in-house server.”

Despite these benefits, the migration to Microsoft 365 can often be complicated and risky. An improperly managed migration can result in a range of negative consequences:

  • During the transition, the business could permanently lose key data with no backup or redundancies to replace it.
  • The migration, already expensive, could take longer than expected and add additional downtime to the staff’s work life.
  • Once it is finally installed and launched, the platform is overly complicated and difficult to learn, leading to more downtime for the staff.

The solution? Marzena asked Sysoft for expert assistance with the process.

“They did the migration for me,” says Marzena. “Everything went smoothly and seamless for our users.”

Marzena wanted to make sure the Microsoft 365 migration process happened methodically, moving only a small group of users over at a time, so it didn’t affect their entire staff or systems. They weren’t sure if this was an option, so they asked the Sysoft team.

“We did it in stages, we kept our Exchange running for a while before doing everything with Microsoft 365,” says Marzena.

Sysoft Is Available When Retired Teachers Of Ontario Needs Help

“I can trust them to do a good job on anything,” says Marzena.

Retired Teachers of Ontario doesn’t just depend on Sysoft for major projects like their Microsoft 365 migration — she trusts she can call them to ask for help with anything IT-related.

“Scott [President, Sysoft Computer Consultants] is very approachable, if I have any questions, if I need some help with some issues, he’s always there. He’s very knowledgeable, he resolves issues fast.”  This is the most significant quality of Sysoft’s service for Marzena and the staff at Retired Teachers Of Ontario. Marzena knows that whenever they have an issue, they won’t have to wait to have it addressed.

“The main thing is trust,” says Marzena. “I can trust that Sysoft won’t do anything that will break my systems. I know it won’t take a long time if I have anything that needs attention. If I have an issue, I can always call, text, email, and if it is something urgent, I can access them very easily.”

BY Scott Weingust | Nov 29th, 2020 | IT News, Information and Tech Tips For Toronto Business
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