How Can A Toronto Technology Services Company Prevent Ransomware Attacks On Your Business?

Ransomware is a common yet deadly danger that every single company should be on guard against. Recent statistics show that up to 1.2 million computer users are targeted by ransomware attacks every six months; what is more, more than one out of five businesses targeted by ransomware attacks have had to immediately cease all business operations.

The downtime, lowered employee morale, loss of customer trust, and the cost of paying a ransom all add up and can even put a company out of business long-term.


What Will You Get Out Of A Partnership With A Toronto Technology Services Company?

Companies looking for affordable, cutting-edge IT assistance that can help them avoid ransomware attacks, improve overall IT cybersecurity, and improve IT efficiency in order to boost sales and profits will find that partnering with a Toronto technology services company is an ideal option.

The following are some benefits of working with an IT managed service to keep ransomware at bay.

  • A Toronto technology services company can offer affordable, flexible services. What type of assistance do you need to protect your network from hackers? Do you need extra assistance at certain times of the year, or are you looking for specialized advice to help you upgrade your IT department without creating vulnerabilities that could lead to a hack? An IT service provider offers the help you need when you need it. Best of all, you only pay for the services you use.
  • An IT service can ensure you’re prepared to face new threats. Cybercriminals are continually creating new forms of ransomware to bypass existing cybersecurity protocols and gain access to large troves of business data. To keep these criminals at bay, you need IT experts who can stay abreast of IT trends and technologies and anticipate future vulnerabilities. Even a stellar in-house IT expert won’t be able to handle the job as he or she will likely be too busy handling daily IT tasks to focus on a single aspect of your company’s cybersecurity. An IT service, on the other hand, specializes in the field and can provide the cutting-edge help you need to keep your business ransomware-free long-term.
  • IT managed services can offer ongoing IT training to staff members and conduct periodic testing to ensure your employees are following your company’s cybersecurity guidelines. Alarming recent statistics show that a whopping 45% of employees don’t know how to respond to a ransomware attack while 37% of employees don’t even know what ransomware is. The odds are high your staff members don’t know how to identify a ransomware attack in its early stages and so are unable to take measures to limit its spread but this can be changed with proper IT training. What’s more, IT cybersecurity training can help staff members be aware of common tactics that cybercriminals use to gain access to company computers so they can avoid these pitfalls as they work online. A good Toronto technology services company will also conduct regular testing to ensure your staff members remember their training and put it into practice.
  • IT service providers can also create real-time data back-ups to meet your company’s needs and industry requirements. Backing up your data every single day will ensure you have business information in a safe location should you need to wipe your machines after a ransomware attack and start afresh. It will save you the expense of paying a cybercriminal tens of thousands of dollars to get your data back while at the same time discouraging the hacker from targeting your business in the future.
  • IT service providers can also create disaster recovery and business continuity plans to meet your company’s needs. These plans take multiple factors into account to ensure your company can get back on its feet quickly and easily in the event of a cyberattack. The plan also provides a way for your employees to continue with regular business operations while IT experts work to get your regular IT set-up running again.

Sysoft: The Toronto Technology Services Company You Can Count On

Sysoft Computer Consultants Limited has been in operation since 1991, helping Toronto business owners keep their IT systems secure and running as efficiently as possible at all times. Our team of experienced certified IT experts offers the following services:

  • Managed IT services to monitor your systems 24/7 and keep your software programs updated to prevent vulnerabilities that could be exploited by cybercriminals.
  • Help desk services so you can get quick IT assistance when problems arise.
  • Strategic IT consulting to help your business use IT technology to its fullest potential
  • Cybersecurity services to keep your IT systems safe from data breaches, phishing attacks, ransomware attacks, and other forms of cybercrime. Our IT security services include cybersecurity training for employees, mobile device security, wireless network security, web filtering, and 24/7 security monitoring, and next-generation firewall software.
  • Business continuity planning services to ensure your company can withstand any natural or man-made disaster that may arise.
  • Cloud consulting to help your business transition to the cloud securely and easily. We can help you create a public, private, or hybrid cloud set-up that meets both your present and long-term needs
  • Microsoft 365 consulting. Microsoft 365 offers an array of tools and features to help you save time and money, grow your business, and improve employee morale. We can help you identify the tools that will be the best fit for your business and work with you to create an IT set-up that is fast, efficient, and easy to use.
  • Wireless network services to keep your internet running at full speed and performance so you can meet customer expectations.

Are you looking for IT technicians that can help you prevent ransomware attacks while improving your overall set-up so your company can reach its core business goals? If so, contact us to learn more about our IT tools and services or to make an appointment with our team of IT experts.

Click here to get started or call us at (416) 410-7268 and schedule your consultation.

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