Microsoft FindTime Simplifies Scheduling Meetings In Toronto

Microsoft 365 users enjoy a range of fantastic features within the suite of programs. It seems like there are never-ending options to make employees more productive, efficient, and secure. FindTime is one of them – offering the ability to simplify scheduling meetings with integration into Outlook. But before we look at the application in-depth, let’s review why it’s an important application to use.

In theory, scheduling a meeting should be simple, right? But it’s almost never as easy as it should be. You offer a few times that are free in your calendar and wait for a response from multiple people. Most of the time, you end up waiting an entire day before everyone has responded with their availability – only to find out that half of the attendees can’t make any of the times you suggested.

So what’s next? You go back and forth for a while, and ultimately, you spend more time trying to schedule the meeting than the actual meeting itself takes. FindTime solves this challenge and makes the process easy. Your attendees don’t even need to have the application installed for it to work.


How Does FindTime work?

You can simply download this free add-on and click the install button to get started. Once you’ve installed it, you’ll find an icon added to the end of the ribbon in your email. FindTime leverages free/busy availability data to make scheduling easy. No more frustrating, time-consuming back and forth for hours, or worse, days. Here’s how it works:

  1. The person scheduling a meeting proposes a time or times that work for them
  2. All attendees can vote upon those times
  3. Free/busy data is used to help users accept or decline proposed times
  4. Attendees can suggest alternative times if needed
  5. A consensus is eventually reached, and an invite is sent out automatically

Those using other email programs and those who aren’t even within the organization are able to use it. FindTime is available for:

  • Outlook 2013
  • Outlook 2016
  • Outlook on the Web

What Are The Benefits Of FindTime?

FindTime is a beneficial application for anyone who struggles with scheduling meetings, but let’s review the benefits in particular:

  • Easy for recipients to accept, decline or suggest times
  • Recipients don’t require the application installed to participate
  • An email address and internet access is all that’s required
  • Encryption is used to protect all personal information in the invite

What Alternative Options Are Available In Toronto?

FindTime is our favourite scheduling application on the market, but there are various other options:

  • NeedToMeet
  • Doodle
  • TimeBridge

However, Outlook users will find FindTime to be the best option because it’s free, integrates perfectly with your email program, and it’s incredibly user friendly.

For more information regarding the benefits Microsoft products can bring to your Toronto business, click here to get in touch with one of our representatives or call us at (416) 410-7268.

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