Can a Technical Support Company Utilize a Pro-Business Approach to Enable a Business to Do More?

Adding a new team member may be one of the most significant decisions a business makes during the course of a year.


Because that new team member can either hurt their relationship with their clients or help those relationships to remain vibrant and beneficial.

In August 2018, Jason White came on board with the Sysoft team.

We wanted to work with Jason because of his unique perspective on how technology can be leveraged to make our client’s business better.

We know everyone says that, but Jason has the ability and insight to make it happen.

In conversations with new and existing clients, Jason talks about:

  • Automation – Setting up IT systems to remove repetitive manual tasks and free up employee time to work on priority tasks.
  • Integration – Getting disparate hardware and software to “talk” to each other in a way that enhances productivity and saves manual input of data.
  • Configuration – Ensuring that IT systems are aligned for security and to support the unique workflow of the business.
  • Life Cycle Management – Watching over the entire IT environment to keep old or aging IT systems from becoming vulnerabilities or slowing down employees as they work on their daily tasks.
  • IT Consulting – Providing the technical information that impacts pro-growth decisions being made by company executives.
  • IT Management – Keeping company IT systems running optimally by enacting a regimen of holistic, proactive IT maintenance and operational IT monitoring.

It’s because of this business-centric approach to technology that we are excited to have Jason White on our team.

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What Impact Do Shared Values Have on a Business Relationship with a Toronto Technical Support Company?

The other day, one of the guys in the office asked Jason, “If you could have a conversation with any historical figure, past or present, who would it be?

Jason’s answer was insightful. He said, “I’d choose Nikola Tesla because I value his underdog story and his genius. He saw a need and tried to fill it; he saw a wrong and tried to right it. He was verifiably blacklisted by the scientific and business establishments, but never let success nor money become the key interest drivers for his work. He maintained his egalitarianism until the end – believing scientific and technical advancements should benefit all mankind, not just the wealthy elites. Tesla opted for a career of opening sustainable energy and communications capability to everyone.

Jason’s answer told us a lot about him, his values, and his approach to doing business. It displayed a focus on helping others through the use of technology. That’s exactly what Sysoft clients here in Toronto expect. They are looking for technical support personnel that cares more about enabling the people that use the technology than they are about all the nuts and bolts of the inner workings of technology.

What Does Jason’s Favorite Book Say About Him and His Outlook on Life and Business?

As part of our “get to know the new guy” orientation here at Sysoft, we talk about a lot of things. After all, we’re going to be working together, so it’s important to know each other, right?

Do you know what Jason’s favourite book is?

It’s The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

Gladwell’s book struck a chord with Jason because it hits on some important life-lessons and business-centric themes.

  • Opportunity – Grabbing opportunities as they come and making the most of them.
  • 10,000 Hours – Taking the time to hone your craft until you master it.
  • Timing – Knowing what to do is only half of the battle, the other half is when to do it.
  • Upbringing – Making the most of what your past experiences have taught you.
  • Meaningful Work – Doing work that brings meaning to your life and is helpful to others lives.
  • Legacy – Ensuring that what you do today will impact those that follow you in a positive way.

What Else Should You Know About Our New Senior IT Consultant, Jason White?

  • Jason is fascinated by the history of Egypt. He’d love to spend time exploring the dusty ruins of Alexandria and the Pyramids at Giza.
  • Jason sees satellites as the one piece of technology that makes our lives easier and enables us to maintain a connection with business, friends, and family over a great distance.
  • Jason loves music (although he hasn’t yet told us what kind of music – we’ve eliminated opera from the list of possibilities, but everything else is still a possibility). If he had his way, he says he’d spend his weekends on tour with his favourite band,
  • Jason has a mind for continuous learning. One of the reasons we wanted him on the Sysoft team is that he stays current with the technologies that Toronto businesses use today and keeps an eye on the horizon for tech that may be useful to clients and their processes down the road.

Can a Technical Support Company Utilize a Pro-Business Approach to Enable a Business to Do More?

The obvious answer to our initial question in this blog post is, “Yes!” Having a business-centric approach is critical for technical support companies. Why? Because it doesn’t matter how well the technology works. If it doesn’t support your workflow and enhance the way your employees do their daily tasks, it’s no good to you. Finding the right technology and configuring it to give you a stable, secure, and highly efficient working environment is the way technical support helps businesses be more productive and competitive.

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