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Brampton Company Has Unusual Request For Managed IT Services

Does the size of a company matter when they need, Managed IT services? It just might surprise you, big or small, there is always a technology solution available.

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It Started From One Of Our Blog Posts

Jenica, our live chat agent, was speaking to a Brampton visitor who was reading one of our blog posts. “How Much Does Managed IT Service Cost In Canada?” He was curious about our services and wondered if there was a service plan for his unique operation.

Our agent asked if they would provide some additional details about their business and service requirements. Upon further discussion, she discovered this individual had an unusual business setup in his home; it was only him with no additional staff.

What Did The Brampton Business Owner Need?

He mentioned having a business internet service with one IP address assigned to him. What he was needing was an answer to this question. “May I get manage IT services to make sure my wireless connectivity internally and wired connection keeps working?”

The visitor also asked what plans, if any, do we offer for his unique setup. Jenica advised the caller she would have one of our Client Service Representatives contact them to meet with one of our IT consultants.

What Managed IT Plans Does Sysoft Consulting Offer?

Since 1991, we have taken care of businesses of all shapes and sizes. Each with their unique setup. From hardware and software configurations to operating procedures. During that time, we have configured our plans based on client needs. Six to be exact. They are:

  • Per-User Plan – Invoiced per user, per month, hardware support per user
  • Per Device Plan – This is a flat fee for each device supported in an IT environment.
  • Tiered Plan – This Plan provides bundled packages.
  • All You Can Eat Plan – A flexible plan to budget your IT support costs.
  • A La Carte Plan – With this model where you’re getting individual services
  • Monitoring Only Plan – provides network monitoring and alerting services.

What is Included in the Sysoft Managed IT Services Offering?

Every business, regardless of size, is different. Every Managed IT Services package gets customized per the setup, unique or not. The most common components of a Managed IT Services package are:

  • Help Desk – Providing answers and troubleshooting for your employees
  • Emergency Response – Ensuring you have IT, specialists when you need them.
  • Continuous Maintenance – Implementing updates, upgrades, fixes, and patches.
  • Proactive Tweaks and Configuration – Preventative downtime approach.
  • Cybersecurity – Protecting your confidential data and workflow
  • Backup Management and Recovery – Proactive and reactive data protection process.
  • Business Continuity – Actionable processes to keep staff working after a disaster.
  • Executive-Level IT Consulting – Advising how the cost and capacity of technology impact your business plans.

When you need Managed IT services, an estimate, or have some questions, contact us. Call (416) 410-7268 or click here to set up a free assessment of your technology needs to keep your Brampton business running at full speed.

BY Scott Weingust | Oct 22nd, 2020 | IT News, Information and Tech Tips For Toronto Business