Downtown Toronto Law Firm Calls Sysoft For Expert Help To Build Their IT Environment

The managing partner of a Toronto law firm had enough on her plate running a new law firm — but she had her IT to think about as well. She did the smart thing and found an expert to help out.

She called Sysoft Computer Consultants.

Sysoft Helped This Law Firm Launch Their IT

This law firm specializes in employment law, with two partners and two associates, and an office manager and part-time administrative assistant. Even as a boutique firm with a small staff, it still needs a modern IT system to operate.

Today, that means using legal software — but there are a lot of options out there. PracticePanther, Clio, AbacusLaw… the list goes on.

Given how large and important the legal industry is, the need for constantly improving technology is considerable, and there’s no end of options available to firms like this.

And the managing partner had to choose one, but she’s not an IT expert, and she shouldn’t have to be. As an experienced legal professional and partner at the firm, she’s supposed to represent clients, not research seemingly endless legal software options.

That’s why she first came to Sysoft, looking for expert advice on developing an effective and reliable IT environment.

The Sysoft team carefully assessed this law firm’s IT needs before making a recommendation, following a detailed onboarding process:

  • Understand Their IT Challenges And Needs: The first step was to find out what they need from their IT.  There’s no point in advising on a specific solution and charging this client money without making sure the result actually meets their expectations.
  • Find The Right Solution: With a detailed understanding of the firm’s needs, we moved ahead with selecting and recommending the right solution.
  • Test The New Systems: Lastly, we made sure the new software worked by testing it thoroughly.  This process gave us a clear understanding of what the firm’s staff was looking for, allowing us to make sure they chose the best legal practice management software — in the end, we recommended Clio.

But the relationship didn’t end there — this law firm also needed an IT team to keep their staff supported. The Sysoft team is consistently available to help the firm’s staff when they need it.

Sysoft Helps This Law Firm Show Clients Their Data Is Secure

This law firm’s staff, and legal professionals throughout Canada, are worried about cybersecurity.

And they should be — from 2018 to 2019, the number of data breaches experienced by Canadian organizations nearly doubled. That’s why 87% of Canadian lawyers are investing more in their cybersecurity.

The Federation of Law Societies of Canada states that Canadian lawyers are required to “hold in strict confidence all information concerning the business and affairs of a client acquired in the course of the professional relationship and must not divulge any such information.”

This firm’s managing partner knows that she and the legal staff can’t keep client data safe on their own. That’s why they work with Sysoft.

Our team helps the managing partner secure client data against malware, adware, internal tampering, disaster, criminal acts, and ransomware.

We do so by deploying a range of critical cybersecurity technologies and best practices:

  • Advising on the implementation of a comprehensive security plan
  • Providing superior anti-spam, antivirus, and firewall protection
  • Routinely managing security updates and patches
  • 24/7 security monitoring
  • Ongoing detection of virus and malware, quarantine and/or removal
  • Web filtering to evaluate potentially contaminated websites
  • Comprehensive wireless network security
  • Mobile device security, including for staff-owned devices
  • Security training for employees

This is a critical service not only because it keeps client data safe, but because it also helps clients to trust in this law firm.

The managing partner knows that optics are just as critical as the reality — she wants her clients to know their data is safe with her and this law firm’s team. This is a key service that Sysoft Computer Consultants provides.

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