Are You Dealing With an Experienced IT Partner?

Does Your IT Company Lack Experience? Sure, They Might “Make Up For It” In Price, Flashy Marketing, or Smooth Talk, But a Lack of Experience Cannot Be Overlooked…

In today’s day and age, many IT companies are popping up in the market. But here’s the thing… While more and more IT companies pop up, a significant shortage of expertise is happening worldwide. According to a recent CIO survey of over 3,000 technology leaders, 65% of respondents believed that hiring challenges hurt the industry. This experience is happening at a time wherein virtually ALL businesses should be tech-savvy and embrace new technologies or risk falling behind the competition.

As technology continues to advance, businesses need to trust that their IT partner has the experience and innovation to integrate new technologies into current business workflows. This ability leads to benefits, such as promoting the corporate image, increasing operational efficiencies, and making the business profitable.

Are You Dealing With an Experienced IT Partner?

How Do You Know If Your IT Company Lacks Experience?

Most times, you can tell right away because of the lack of professionalism in the way they’re providing services to you. But here are a few telltale signs that your IT company lacks experience, which means they’re likely not one of the lucky ones to be in business long enough that they have qualified technicians on hand:

  • They Have a Slow Response Time: A technology provider with a well-documented ticket support process and a well-trained team of technicians will respond quickly to technology issues, especially urgent matters like virus infections or server outages. However, this proficiency comes with extensive experience, time, and effort being put into processes, procedures, and team members’ training.
  • They Have a Slow Resolution Time: Like a slow response time, a slow resolution time refers to how long it takes from the moment the company acknowledges your ticket to resolve it. If this takes a long time, their staff members may lack the essential training in various technologies.
  • They Don’t Prevent Downtimes: Suppose you’re having recurring bouts of downtime. In that case, whether it’s your email, a cloud-based application, or something else, it’s time to consider whether your technology partner truly has the right proactive services in place. They should prevent downtimes from occurring.
  • They Aren’t Having Strategic Discussions With You: As mentioned, consumers are expecting more than ever before from the organizations whose products they choose. Your technology partner needs to be talking to you about the concept of digital transformation wherein you automate time-consuming tasks, enhance customer experiences, and focus on your core functions.

What Are the Risks of Working With an Inexperienced IT Company?

If you’re working with an inexperienced IT company, one of the most significant risks is downtime. Gartner reports that the average cost of downtime is approximately $5,600 per minute because of:

  • A lack of access to vital information
  • A lack of sales or business opportunities
  • A lack of communication with customers that results in lost trust
  • A lack of productivity amongst staff that wastes payroll dollars
  • High expenses associated with recovering technology equipment

Where Can You Find an Experienced IT Company?

Sysoft began in 1991 — giving us almost three decades of experience serving small and medium local companies. We are passionate about creating manageable, cost-effective technology solutions, and we have a team of highly qualified technology professionals who thrive in the following areas:

Customer Service 

  • Effective and respectful communication
  • Timely response to questions and issue resolution

Technical Expertise 

  • We implement a multi-layered cybersecurity approach that includes antivirus software, firewalls, web content filtering, and other technologies and employee awareness training to keep your network safe.
  • We deploy a reliable data backup and business continuity solution that keeps all of your vital resources, including data and applications, backed up in the cloud and onsite equipment.
  • We will monitor your network around-the-clock to detect and resolve threats before they result in issues and do routine maintenance, such as patch management and regular updates.


  • Every business has technology challenges, and Sysoft has the experience of hundreds of clients and thousands of working hours to resolve those challenges.

Get ahead of the IT Curve and call Sysoft at (416) 410-7268 to find out more about our IT services for businesses throughout the GTA.

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