The Canadian Cancer Society is Confident Sysoft is the Right IT Cure

As a non profit organization with a limited budget, The Canadian Cancer Society was in need of an IT provider who could meet their needs, at a cost that would allow them to confidently continue their mission. The Canadian Cancer Society’s Ontario division turned to Sysoft, who was able to help them achieve their goals – and maximize their budget.

When a non-profit organization is lacking the right IT environment, they can face severe challenges pushing out their mission to achieve goals. Equally as hard is when a non-profit organization is being set back by the cost of the IT environment they require.

The Situation: A Desire to Maximize Budget & Update IT Strategy

It is important to us that The Canadian Cancer Society continues to lead the fight against cancer, but it is important to them to have an IT provider who helps them do this while maximizing their dollars. After comparing companies, The Canadian Cancer Society’s Ontario division decided on Sysoft.

Although very pleased with costs anyway, Service Delivery and Senior Manager Auldwin Armstrong of the Canadian Cancer Society comments, “Our relationship with Sysoft transcends the standard vendor relationship. Our organization has vendors, these relationships are primarily transactional, there are partners, these relationships are primarily project based, and then there are trusted advisors. Sysoft is one of only a very select group of companies or individuals that would fall into the trusted advisor’s category. This has been developed based on a strong working relationship, as well as, Sysoft’s demonstrated understanding of our organization and our goals. This relationship allows for open and honest discussions related not just to current needs but also tactical and strategic direction.”

The Solution: Major Updates & Honest, Productive Service

Sysoft conducted a full diagnosis of The Canadian Cancer Society’s systems and went to work making improvements, including:

  • Consolidation and restructure of the Active Directory.
  • Management services for their national group.
  • Implementation of a backup and disaster recovery solution.
  • Provided remote managing and monitoring services through LabTech.
  • Secure centralized password vault for access management.

Armstrong says, “Sysoft has helped us shape a lot of the service delivery solutions we have implemented.  They’ve taken the opportunity, they’ve taken the time and the energy to learn who we are, and they learnt our personalities, our mission, and our commitment to the fight against cancer. They have earned the opportunity to be a trusted adviser.”  and adds, “They’ve definitely become a critical piece of how we deliver with our technology services.”

The Outcome: Reliable Support & Restructured Systems That Work Best for Their Company

Since signing with Sysoft, The Canadian Cancer Society’s Ontario division has seen great benefits from having reliable IT support and no surprise costs.

Armstrong beams, “They are one of the few companies I would trust to bring me solutions that I know will fit into our space, and a lot of that is them not just focusing on the financial benefit (which they are phenomenal with us in reference to cost and cost-avoidance). Sysoft isn’t out to get rich off the Canadian Cancer Society, and that mutual understanding is critical. This is a product of the time they have taken to get to know who we are as an organization.” He continues, saying “… we can have an honest discussion, and how I differentiate between a partner and a trusted advisor, is a partner will help me achieve my goals, a trusted advisor will help me define my goals”.

“It’s not an oddity for them to go above and beyond.”

Sysoft can help you leverage the proper IT solutions for success! To learn how, call us at (416) 410-7268 or send us an email:

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