Tech Tools to Keep It Professional When You’re Working from Home

Staying professional can be harder when working from home. Discover tech tools that simulate a professional setting, even when you’re working from your couch.  

When you’re working from home, it can be challenging to maintain the same level of professionalism that comes naturally at the office. Despite your best efforts to maintain a professional environment, issues crop up over which you may have limited control. With schools closed because of the novel coronavirus, you may have restless children at home, vying for attention while you’re trying to conduct virtual meetings and conference calls. The good news is, there’s an app for that — or more appropriately, a technology solution that can help you replicate an office-like appearance even when you’re working from your kitchen table. Consider these helpful tech tools.

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Boost Your Connectivity

When setting up virtual meetings, it’s not uncommon to encounter technical difficulties, especially when you’re using a particular platform for the first time. While some problems may be beyond your control, it’s a good idea to optimize your connectivity capabilities to avoid interruptions during remote meetings. Consider signing up for faster Internet. If your Internet signal leaves something to be desired, you may want to upgrade to a router that covers your entire home to ensure you stay connected, wherever you set up operations. An IT service provider can assist you in selecting the best wireless networking options for your business.

Filter Background Noise

Young children, pets and other family members can cause distractions at crucial times, such as when you are conducting a meeting with management. To eliminate the problem, you can always invest in a pair of noise-canceling headphones. But that may not be a practical option if you can’t completely tune out others in your household (or don’t want to appear on a video call with a bulky headset). Instead, consider a noise-canceling app, such as Krisp.

Hide Workspace Clutter — Virtually

Working from home doesn’t always lend itself well to keeping an organized workspace. Microsoft Teams has a feature in the works that will make it possible to change the background when you’re teleconferencing. If, in reality, you’re working at a cluttered kitchen table, you will be able to make it appear as though you’re collaborating from a professional workspace. For now, users can take advantage of background-blurring technology to eliminate visual distractions. Additionally, many video conferencing programs include options that allow you to modify the background, so even if you are working from home, you can make it appear otherwise.

Securely Manage and Store Your Data

When shifting from an on-site to a remote work model, companies may have to change the way they manage data, especially since employees working from home may be using a variety of mobile devices to connect to their employer. It’s difficult to establish credibility and professionalism when important data is challenging to locate or its integrity is compromised. Partnering with a knowledgeable IT provider can help businesses shore up their cybersecurity and data-management strategies so remote workers can perform their jobs as efficiently as possible.

Coordinate Tasks

Without the right technology, coordinating assignments among remote workers can lead to confusion, redundancy, and details that go overlooked. Virtual task-managing tools keep team members current on their progress when working on projects. They can create to-do lists, hold each other accountable, see how close they are to the finish line, and check off completed items.

To perform tasks efficiently, companies also need to use applications that are right for them. An IT company can help you leverage the many features of Office 365 for creating spreadsheets, collaborating effectively, and performing other vital tasks. To save time, you can customize settings and automate repetitive actions, too.

Businesses have a wide variety of tech solutions to consider as they make the transition to carrying out their operations remotely. As you modify your policies to accommodate a remote workforce, a Toronto IT company can help you make an informed decision about the tools that will best help you meet your goals.

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