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Nonprofits in Ontario rely on their technology to provide services to their members and to promote their missions. It’s no different with KidSport. They rely on IT solutions and support to offer under-resourced children and youth, 18 years old and younger, with a sport of their choice via local clubs and programs. We provide pro-bono IT services for KidSport, and to add to this support, the team at Sysoft Computer Consultants is participating in their Dodgeball Tournament on June 15. We’re inviting you to come and watch, or join in on the fun!

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What Is KidSport?

KidSport is a national nonprofit program that removes financial barriers that prevent kids from experiencing organized sports. Here in Ontario, they have one of the largest chapters. KidSport has 20 local chapters across the province that deliver their grant program in local communities. It’s a volunteer organization which is vastly supported. Their volunteers are the reason why KidSport can help over 800,000 kids annually across Canada in organized sports programs.

Kidsport Toronto

Join Us & Sign Up For The Dodgeball Tournament

The “Dodge, Duck and Dive For Kids” is a friendly dodgeball tournament between organizations from across the province. The event will raise money to help under-resourced children and youth aged 18 and under across Ontario experience the positive benefits of organized sport.

This will be KidSport Ontario’s inaugural charity dodgeball tournament, and their goal is to raise $50,000 to help at least 200 kids get off the sidelines and into the game for a season of sport!

We hope you’ll join us for an evening of fun, team camaraderie and a lingering pride for the lasting impact made on the lives of kids touched by your financial support so ALL Kids Can Play! The event will be for people aged 19+ as there will be alcohol served following the tournament.

When: Saturday, June 15, 2019 – 5:00-10:30pm

Where: ULTRA SPORTS CENTRE, 1510 Birchmount Road, Unit 150, Toronto, ON
Registration Fees:
Rec Teams: $500 per team / Corporate Teams: $800 per team

Register today through the link the link below:

(Participants must be 19 or older)

Questions? E-mail Victoria Gonzalez at or call us at 416-899-9106.

Want To Support KidSport In Other Ways?

There are various ways to help–from sponsoring events to volunteering, and everything in between. You can enter a team into one of their games, offer services or help with administrative tasks. You can also donate monthly, provide items for silent auctions during events, and more. Just contact KidSport to learn more about getting involved.

How Does Reliable & Secure Running IT Help KidSport And Other Nonprofits In Ontario?

As mentioned, we offer pro-bono IT service & support to KidSport. With customized IT that aligns with their organizational goals, KidSport and other nonprofits can reduce IT costs and increase productivity, accessibility of data and efficiencies to make the most of every dollar they have.

  • Proactive monitoring of their IT network eliminates cyber threats.
  • Security Awareness Training ensures their staff can and recognize phishing attempts that try to trick them into revealing sensitive data.
  • Backups both onsite and in a secure cloud-based solution ensure they always have access to their digital information wherever they have an internet connection.
  • Backup and recovery services include periodic validating that data has been accurately backed up and can be quickly recovered.
  • 24/7 support with quick response times prevents downtime. Most issues can be detected and repaired remotely before the team at KidSport knows anything has happened.
  • Plus, their software and operating systems are automatically patched and updated giving the KidSport volunteers the peace of mind they need to know that their IT will always be protected and run efficiently.

With these and other IT services, KidSport’s staff of volunteers can focus on their mission and provide the sports activities that all children should be able to enjoy.

Do you need more information about how technology can help your nonprofit? Check out our Tech Insights.

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