Sysoft Saved GAB Law Firm Just As They Launched Their Business

Today, GAB Law Firm is an active and successful labour and employment firm, practicing out of Mississaugua with a small staff. They represent both employees and employers in wrongful dismissal suits, as well as work with unionized employees and employers.

While you wouldn’t know it from their success today, three years ago, GAB Law Firm almost didn’t make it. According to their Founder Gary Bennett, they wouldn’t have survived without Sysoft Computer Consultants’ help.

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This Lawyer’s Files Were Locked In Another System

In 2017, as Gary was transitioning out of a previous law firm and attempting to start GAB Law Firm, he was struggling. His previous business partner was making it difficult for him to transition, refusing to cooperate and refusing to transfer important client files and data.

“I was in a crisis situation, I was leaving one firm, and my IT company refused to cooperate with me,” says Gary. “My client files and information were being held ransom by my IT company and former business partner.”

With his new firm on the line, Gary started looking for help. He knew he needed someone with IT expertise that could get him access to the client files and help set up his new law firm’s systems.

That’s When Gary Called Sysoft

“I did a Google search and I saw three names, and I called Sysoft,” says Gary. “I spoke to Scott, and the rest was history.”

A simple Internet search connected Gary with Sysoft President Scott Weingust, who assured Gary he could help, and quickly arranged an in-person follow-up.

“We met within about 48 hours of that call,” says Gary. “Sysoft understood the situation I was in, they acted immediately. He literally saved my business.”

GAB Law Firm Relies On Sysoft For All Things IT

Ever since Sysoft helped to save GAB Law Firm, Gary has trusted them to help whenever he needs assistance. In addition to his firm, Gary also runs a business center for lawyers. Other firms operate virtually and directly from this center, where Gary provides the necessary infrastructure for their business processes.

“Scott is my IT point of contact who makes sure this business runs successfully,” says Gary. “He helped create the system that I use for the law firms in my business center as well.”

When the IT support process is optimized and seamless, clients like GAB Law Firm enjoy a less stressful, more productive workplace. They know that if and when an issue does occur, all they have to do is call to get help – no long delays, no tedious explanations.

“I’ve called at various times of the day and sometimes at night,” says Gary. “I’ve never received a response where I had to wait. It’s truly important because, for my business, if the servers are down, then nothing is happening. So IT is absolutely key.”

This is why Gary has and continues to recommend Sysoft to other law firms in Mississauga and Ontario. He’s seen firsthand, time and time again, how committed Scott and the entire team are to his success in business.

“Anybody can understand technical issues, but somebody who cares about your business functioning is hard to find. That’s what Sysoft does — they go above and beyond for all their clients.”

Gary Bennett, Founder, GAB Law Firm

30 Years

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