Cloud Desktops Are Here To Stay

Cloud Desktops Are Here To Stay

Cloud desktops are one of the best solutions for those working remotely. They offer flexibility and improved collaboration for those who are traveling or distancing due to covid-19. In this video, we discuss what cloud desktops are and how they can help your company.

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Now more than ever, employees need a way to store work information remotely, without having to be in the office. Cloud desktops, which have steadily improved since the 90s, have been the solution for many looking to switch to a cloud-based system.

Cloud-based technology is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people take part in social distancing. Many employees are not able to be in a traditional work environment right now, which is creating a surge in the need for advanced remote technology. This is where cloud desktops become helpful.

Switching to a cloud desktop allows you to seamlessly share information with others, while also making your individual storage more organized. Cloud desktops take accessibility to the next level, giving users the ability to work with their files anywhere in the world.  Though similar methods have been used in the past, this older software is no match for modern cloud desktops.

In the late 90s and early 00s, Microsoft terminal servers and Citrix servers were used by many in the workforce to connect to their offices from home, creating a work environment that was not limited by place or time of day. However, they also required expensive server infrastructure, complex networking technologies, and many hours of work from your IT department to be used. Luckily, modern cloud desktops have evolved past these inconveniences.

The problems with having a cloud desktop have gone away through the advancements of recent technology. People of all backgrounds, in many different types of companies, are now using cloud desktops because of their benefits. Some of the advantages of having a cloud desktop include:

  • Being able to work from anywhere at any time
  • Knowing that your work is always safe and secure
  • No longer have to deal with the high costs of maintenance

If your company needs to upgrade its storage, ability to collaborate, and remote work options, consider switching to cloud desktops.

Will You Make The Switch To Cloud Desktops?

Working remotely can become so much easier with the use of cloud desktops. If you believe they are right for your team, reach out to us. Sysoft Computer Consultants can help with any questions or concerns you have regarding cloud desktops. We can also assist you with the switching over process, making it simple for you. Contact us online or by phone today.

BY Scott Weingust | Feb 13th, 2021 | Education CentresingleIT News, Information and Tech Tips For Toronto Business